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150mm Grip Backed Sanding Disc
150mm Grip Backed Sanding Disc
150mm Grip Backed Sanding Disc
Backing Pad For 125mm Grip Sanding Discs, Firm.
Backing Pad For Grip Sanding Discs, 125mm. Medium Foam.
Backing Pad For Grip Sanding Discs, DA Sanders 150mm

150mm Grip Backed Sanding Discs

Applications: These discs fit many DA sanders and 6in rotary sanders. They also fit many belt and disc combination sanders. Where PSA discs have been used we offer a conversion disc enabling you to switch to velcro type grip backed discs. These discs are suitable for both hard and soft wood as well as mild steel, cast iron, painted surfaces and fillers.


  • 150mm (6in) diameter.
  • Available plain or with 6-hole dust extraction pattern.
  • Grip (velcro) type backing.
  • Aluminium oxide abrasive, suitable for sanding a wide range of materials.
  • Top coated to minimise loading.
  • Coarse grade 40 has durable film grip backing for longer life and increased aggression.
  • 6-Grades packs include 10 discs of each grade (ie 60 discs).
  • Conversion disc has a PSA base enabling switch from adhesive backed to grip backed discs.
  • Backing pad available - see below. DA Backing Pad has 5/16"UNF male fixing. Rotary backing pads have M14 female fixing.

Also Available: We have useful hand-blocks which hold grip discs, enabling the discs to have dual purpose use.

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HolesGradeQtyPart No.PriceOrder
66 Grades6025743£22.50 Buy now
6405025705£19.50 Buy now
64020025706£78.40 Buy now
6605025715£18.20 Buy now
66020025716£70.40 Buy now
68010025725£33.60 Buy now
68020025726£62.40 Buy now
612010025735£33.00 Buy now
612020025736£57.60 Buy now
622010025745£33.00 Buy now
622020025746£57.60 Buy now
632010025985£33.00 Buy now
632020025986£57.60 Buy now
8DA Backing Pad110211£9.80 Buy now
Plain6 Grades6025063£22.50 Buy now
Plain405025015£19.50 Buy now
Plain4020025016£78.40 Buy now
Plain605025025£18.20 Buy now
Plain6020025026£70.40 Buy now
Plain8010025035£33.60 Buy now
Plain8020025036£62.40 Buy now
Plain12010025045£33.00 Buy now
Plain12020025046£57.60 Buy now
Plain22010025055£33.00 Buy now
Plain22020025056£57.60 Buy now
Plain32010025065£33.00 Buy now
Plain32020025066£57.60 Buy now
PlainConversion125071£3.90 Buy now
PlainFirm M14 Backing Pad110241£11.50 Buy now
PlainFoam M14 Backing Pad110251£17.20 Buy now

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