180mm Diamond Polishing Pads

180mm Diamond Polishing Pads
 180mm Diamond Polishing Pads180mm Diamond Polishing Pads 

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Applications: These diamond pads are used on 7" rotary polishers, or floor polishers. They attach to grip backing pads, which are also stocked. They are ideal for larger slabs where the use of standard 100mm pads would be rather laborious and for floors. This gives the option of polishing floors with a standard rotary polisher, such as commonly used on cars. 

They are effective on most hard stone, including marble and granite, as well as cured concrete. They are used in sequence from grade 50 to as fine as required up to grade 3000. Surfaces should be prepared by grinding if necessary to give a smooth, even base. Grade 50 will remove grind marks and provide a surface that can be improved in stages. They are designed for dry use, although they can also be used wet if required.


  • Diamond impregnated bonded base.
  • Loop grip backing.
  • 180mm diameter.
  • Water feed hole (if required for wet use).
  • Colour coded backing with grade.
  • Sold singly or as a set of all 7 grades.

Purchasing: These discs can be purchased via our Abrasives World website.