3 Stage Diamond Polishing Pads

3 Stage Diamond Polishing Pads

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Applications: This polishing pad set provides a means of polishing small areas of granite, marble, masonry and even concrete at very low cost compared to the professional set. The stage 3 pad (fine) will leave a bright finish. The pads can be bought individually or as a set. For a high gloss finish, you may wish to add a buffing disc from our professional set of wet polishing pads. Use with a suitable polisher or variable speed angle grinder at approx 2,000-2,500rpm. Use a grip based backing pad. 


  • 100mm diameter, with water feed hole.
  • 'Velcro' type grip backing for use on suitable backing pads.
  • For wet use.
  • For granite, marble, suitable masonry and concrete. (Not suitable for glass).
  • 3-stage from cut or ground surface to bright finish.

Also Available: We have dry use diamond polishing pads for those areas where water would be a nuisance.

Purchasing: These diamond pads are stocked at Abrasives World.