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Wire Brush Wheel For Angle Grinder - Stainless Steel.
Wire Brush Wheel For Angle Grinder - Stainless Steel.
Radial Wire Brush Wheel, Stainless Steel.

Angle Grinder Brush Wheels: Stainless Steel

Applications: These brushes are for use on angle grinders of size 115mm upwards. They have twisted knot stainless steel wire of grade AIS1302 or higher. Most popular applications include aggressive cleaning of stainless steel welds, paint and coating removal and aggressive cleaning. They are also useful on external masonry where aggressive cleaning is needed but without residual rust stains.

The bevel brushes can be used on edge or face down as a cup brush. The 100mm wheel is recommended for 115mm angle grinders and the 115mm for 125mm grinders. The radial brush sizes should be selected for their respective angle grinder sizes.


  • Radial wheels have 22.2mm centre bores for mounting on the angle grinder flanges.
  • Bevel wheels have M14 female threads to mount direct to angle grinder spindles.
  • Bevel wheels can be used flat as a cup brush or on its edge.
  • Wire is AIS1302 or higher in twisted knot form.
  • Suitable for fixed and variable speed angle grinders.

Also Available: We also supply stainless steel grade cup brush wheels in both twisted knot and crimped wire. For gentler action when stripping paint and coatings, stripping discs are are also suitable for use on stainless steel.

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DescriptionDia (mm)MountingQtyPart No.PriceOrder
Bevel100M14127461£17.50 Buy now
Bevel100M14327462£45.00 Buy now
Bevel115M14127471£19.90 Buy now
Bevel115M14327472£51.00 Buy now
Bevel115M141227475£180.00 Buy now
Radial11522.2mm127441£15.90 Buy now
Radial11522.2mm327442£42.00 Buy now
Radial11522.2mm1227445£150.00 Buy now
Radial12522.2mm127451£18.00 Buy now
Radial12522.2mm327452£48.00 Buy now
Radial12522.2mm1227455£174.00 Buy now

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