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Road Slitta 300mm asphalt diamond blade
Road Slitta 300mm asphalt diamond blade
Road Slitta diamond blades have skewed segments and TC inserts for dual protection.

Road Slitta Asphalt & Concrete Diamond Blades

Applications: Road Slitta is a unique design of asphalt diamond blade giving the best of life and performance with floor saws and hand held petrol saws on ground work.  The diamond segments have 2 means of protection with occasional skewed segments to direct the abrasive slurry away and carbide inserts on the leading edge of the diamond segment welds to prevent under-cutting. The premium grade diamond segments are designed to cut concrete with hard aggregates. The blade is thus dual-purpose for all groundwork, without the needs to change blades when slitting across different surfaces.


  • 10mm deep laser welded diamond segments.
  • Unique double protected design for abrasive asphalt and green concrete.
  • Good diamond concentration for cured ground concrete, even with hard aggregates.
  • Tungsten carbide inserts protect the vulnerable leading edge of the welds.
  • Skewed segments remove abrasive waste to minimise wear.
  • Sizes for most petrol saws and floor & road saws.
  • For most hand held petrol saws such a Stihl, chose either 300 or 355mm with 20mm bore.
  • For most floor saws, a bore size of 25.4mm is used, along with the drive pin hole which is included.

Stock: The 300mm size will be back in stock shortly.

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