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Ceramic Abrasive Flap Disc
Ceramic Abrasive Flap Disc
Ceramic Abrasive Flap Disc Face
Generous Flap Size On Ceramic Abrasive Flap Disc

Ceramic Abrasive Flap Discs

Applications: Use ceramic flap discs in all the applications you would use standard aluminium oxide or zirconium flap discs for. They will give vastly increased life and superior performance. Additionally, they will be effective on hard alloys. They offer a great substitute for stainless steel grade grinding discs. For use with standard 115mm and 125mm angle grinders and rotary polishers.


  • Ceramic abrasive giving approx 3 time the life of equivalent zirconium flap discs.
  • Mounted on fibre backing discs - no backing pad needed.
  • Grades 40 and 60 available for rapid or more controlled grinding.
  • Quality made by Cibo Abrasives of Belgium (specialist in metalworking abrasives).
  • Slightly conical profile for ease of surface contact.  
  • Compliant with EN14713.
  • Speed Rating: 115mm Max 13,200rpm. 125mm Max 12,200rpm. Optimum: 6,000rpm.

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Dia (mm)GradeQtyPart No.PriceOrder
11540126571£3.50 Buy now
115401026575£30.00 Buy now
115404026573£104.00 Buy now
1154010026576£225.00 Buy now
11560126581£3.50 Buy now
115601026585£30.00 Buy now
115604026583£104.00 Buy now
1156010026586£225.00 Buy now
12540126591£3.90 Buy now
125401026595£33.00 Buy now
125404026593£116.00 Buy now
1254010026596£250.00 Buy now
12560126601£3.90 Buy now
125601026605£33.00 Buy now
125604026603£116.00 Buy now
1256010026606£250.00 Buy now

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