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Crack Chaser Diamond Blade
Crack Chaser Diamond Blade
Crack Chaser Diamond Blade for 230mm angle grinders.
Axe-head profile on crack chasing diamond blades.

Applications: For the repair of concrete cracks. Use these to 'chase out' the cracks to provide a suitable opening for pouring in the 'liquid cement' or other repair agent and providing clean edges for a good bonding. The 3 sizes suit standard angle grinders with the 180mm size being recommended for 230mm or 9" grinders. These blades use a premium diamond grades, so they are suitable for all concrete floors including thse with hard aggregates.


  • Premium grade diamond to cut hard aggregates.
  • Laser welded for segment strength.
  • Axe-head profile segments to make following the crack easier.
  • 9.5mm width for easy access to pour the repair compound.

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Dia (mm)Width (mm)Bore (mm)QtyPart No.PriceOrder
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