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Buy high quality diamond blades, diamond core drills, cutting, grinding, flap and stripping discs here at amazing prices

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Multi Slysa Premium diamond blades

Diamond Blades For Contracting, Construction & Renovation.

We believe that most contractors are very conscious of their cost of time and prefer diamond blades with a wide cutting ability so they can fit one blade and cut everything on site that needs cutting. This applies to our 'Multi-Slysa' and 'Multi-Slysa Premium Plus' ranges, which are ideal for site use. Similarly, we believe road and ground contractors prefer one blade to slit through whatever is in the ground, hence our 'Road Slitta' diamond blades are ideal for both asphalt and ground concrete.

We also offer specific duty blades such as as shaping blades which are a great aid to stone masons and builders to repair or shape stone and crack chasing diamond blades for concrete repairs.


General Purpose Diamond Blades

general purpose diamond blades Even our entry level diamond blades are professional grade, with a good diamond concentration and minimum 7mm deep segments.


Multi-Slysa Diamond Blades to Slice a Multitude of Materials

Multi-purpose diamond blade for brick concrete & stone Our popular Multi-Slysa diamond blades slice quickly and efficiently though a wide range of building materials including concrete, brick and most stone types. Available in sizes 115mm to 450mm to suit angle grinders, most petrol cut-off and chop saws as well as bench saws.

Road Slitta Asphalt & Concrete Diamond Blades

Asphalt & ground concrete floor and petrol saw diamond blades Roads, pavements, car parks and factory floors are made of a wide range of materials including asphalt and concrete. Why not buy one diamond blade that will slit through the lot?

Shaping 'Vanity', Flat Faced Diamond Blades

Shaping vanity diamond blade, 230mm. Shaping or 'vanity' blades are the tool of choice for stone masons to cut, grind and shape with one diamond blade.

Multi Slysa Premium + Diamond Blades For Hard Materials

Multi-Slysa Premium Plus Diamond Blade For Hard Stone Multi Slysa Premium Plus represents the best in diamond blade technology. Superb cutting ability on hard materials and massive 15mm deep diamond segments for long life.

Granite Turbo Smooth Cutting Diamond Blades

Granite Turbo Diamond Blade Granite turbo blades give smooth cutting action on hard building stone, bricks, block and roof tiles.

Crack Chaser Diamond Blades

Crack Chaser Diamond Blade Crack chaser diamond blades are for making easier repairs to concrete.

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