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Buy high quality diamond blades, diamond core drills, cutting, grinding, flap and stripping discs here at amazing prices

Tile cutting saw diamond disc bladesDiamond blades for hard blocks and bricksPetrol saw wheels, diamond blades and discs

Diamond blades for bricks.
Diamond blades for bricks.
Rescue Diamond Blade
Mortar Raking Diamond Blade
Diamond Polishing Pads

Diamond Disc Products: Diamond Blades, Grinders and Polishing Pads.

Our diamond disc products are listed as follows:

Diamond Blades:

For Construction - General Purpose, Multi-Purpose (Multi-Slysa and Multi-Slysa Premium Plus), Precision Granite Turbo Blades, Road Saw Blades and Shaping Blades for stone.

For Tiling - Includes diamond blades for almost all tile cutting machines, wet tile saws and angle grinders, for porcelain as well as ceramic tiles.

For Mortar Raking & Crack Chasing - Includes economical Dual Cut and Premium Mortar Rakes as well as mortar raking fingers and Crack Chasing Blades for concrete repairs.

Rescue Blades:

For cutting almost anything - Vaccuum brazed diamonds hard bonded to the outside of the blade, makes an ideal product for demolision, re-cycling and cutting multi-material composites.

Diamond Grinding Discs and Profile Wheels:

For Floor Grinding Machines - 10in floor plates for smoothing off concrete.

For Angle Grinders and Hand Held Floor Grinders - Double Row, Turbo and 'L' Segment Grinding Discs.

For Removing Floor Coatings - PCD (polychrystaline diamond) discs rapidly shift mastic, epoxy and paint from floors.

For Edge Grinding - Profilers for use on angle grinders to give neat profiled edges on granite and marble worktops using an angle grinder.

Diamond Polishing Pads & Blocks:

For Polished Finishes on granite, marble and even concrete - Wet and Dry Diamond Polishing Pads.

For hand finishing edges and surfaces of granite, marble and glass - Diamond Flexiblocks.



Diamond Blades For Construction & Renovation.

Multi Slysa diamond blades Great diamond blades for contractors and builders who need to cut a wide range of materials. We also have specialised products such as Road Slitta asphalt blades and mortar raking blades.

Diamond Blade Discs For Tile Cutting

porcelain tile cutting diamond disc blades Our tile cutting diamond disc blades includes a wide range of sizes for most tile cutting saws and angle grinders. There are solutions for all tiles including porcelain and glass as well as ceramic.

Diamond Grinding Discs & Profiling Wheels

Diamond grinding disc We supply diamond grinding discs and diamond profile wheels to suit angle grinders and floor preparation machines.

Mortar Rakes - Diamond Raking Blades

Premium Mortar Rake We offer economical dual cut mortar rakes as well as highly durable premium designs, which are now available up to 230mm dia. We also have mortar raking fingers which are ideal for short runs and random stonework.

Rescue Blades

Rescue Blade Rescue blades are no longer just for fire and rescue crews. These blades cut almost anything and are an ideal tool for most trade professionals with things to cut.

Diamond Polishing Pads, Discs & Blocks

Diamond polishing pads Diamond polishing pads can achieve fantastic polished finishes on marble, granite and even on concrete. We offer both wet & dry use types as well as an economical 3 stage set. We also stock a range of diamond floor polishing pads.  Diamond hand blocks enable edges and surfaces to be hand finished. Halo discs are great for polishing concrete floors.

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