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Buy high quality diamond blades, diamond core drills, cutting, grinding, flap and stripping discs here at amazing prices

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Diamond grinder disc

Diamond Grinding Discs and Profiling Wheels

We offer diamond grinders and profiles for use on angle grinders and floor grinders.

Grinding With Angle Grinders:

For angle grinders, choose between turbo segmented, double row segmented and 'L' segmented discs. The undersides of these discs are shown in the photos. Double row segmented discs are usually faster working and are recommended when high stock removal is required on concrete and many stone types. Turbo segmented discs can be easier to use when a smoother finish is required and on harder materials. 'L' segment discs have an open profile and long sweeping segments to help obtain a smooth result on concrete floors.

PCD Discs: Are recommended as the fastest way to strip coatings from concrete floors.

Concrete Polishing: See the new Halo concrete polishing discs. Once the concrete has been ground flat, these give an easy way to improve the surface right up to a 400 grade finish. Halo Concrete Polishing Disc

Floor Grinder Machines

Our floor grinder discs fit many common floor grinding machines, requiring 250mm or 10" discs or plates. We also stock PCD discs for these machines. 

For the Hilti DG150 floor grinder, we stock an 'L' segment concrete grinding disc.

Floor Grinding Plates - 250mm.

Diamond Floor Grinding Disc, 20 segment These 250mm floor grinding plates fit most 10in machines designed for smoothing off concrete and stone floors.

Diamond Grinding Discs: Double Row Segment

Double row diamond grinding disc. Double row segmented diamond grinding discs work fast on concrete. Available in sizes 115 and 180mm.

Diamond Grinding Discs: Turbo Segmented

Diamond grinding disc, turbo segmented. Turbo segmented diamond grinding discs give smooth results and work better on harder stone. Available in sizes from 100 to 180mm.

Diamond Concrete Floor Grinding Discs: L Segment

Diamond grinder with L segment for concrete. L Segment Grinders are ideal for smoothing off concrete. Sizes start at 125mm and include 150mm size for Hilti DG150.

Diamond Profiling Router Wheels For Granite

Diamond profile router wheels These granite profilng and routing wheels enable profiled edges to be created using a standard angle grinder.

PCD Floor Preparation Cup Discs

PCD Floor preparation disc PCD Floor Preparation Cup Discs strip floor coatings such as paint, mastic and epoxy rapidly.

PCD Floor Plates

PCD Floor Plate These floor plates have large poly-crystaline diamond tips to strip floor coatings using popular 10in floor preparation machines.

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