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Diamond polishing pads

Diamond Polishing Pads & Blocks

100mm Diamond Polishing Pads

Our diamond pads are premium with good depth of diamond and high quality diamond abrasive to give conistent peformance over several square metres. (Not to be confused with polishing pads which have just surface diamond content for re-polishing small areas.) We offer both wet & dry diamond polishing pads, as well as economical 3-stage pads for smaller areas. Both are suitable for marble, granite, concrete and most masonry. Wet pads are usually preferred for longer life, but some situations, eg were the work has already been installed, may make polishing with wet pads impractical and our dry use pads are a good solution.

Our professional use diamond pads can be bought as full sets from grade 50 to final buff, enabling you to build up a high finish reflective surface from cut or ground stone. Alternatively, you can just select the individual grades you require, eg grade 50 to improve a cut surface, or buff grade to restore the shine in an older worktop.

Wet Polishing Pads: For wet use only. Professional use set giving long life and superb results.

Dry Polishing Pads: Designed for dry use, but can also be used wet. Professional use giving excellent results.

3 - Stage Polishing Pads: An economical solution for smaller areas. 

Floor Polishing Pads

We stock 17in diamond floor pads to suit many popular floor polishing machines. These are long life double-sided pads. 17" Diamond Floor Pad

Diamond Hand Blocks

Our diamond hand blocks are for hand use to smooth surfaces and edges of tiles, glass, ceramic, granite, marble and other hard stone surfaces. Diamond hand block.

Halo Discs For Concrete Polishing

Halo discs work on grinders to smooth and polish concrete and stone. Concrete Polishing Disc


Diamond Polishing Pads - Wet Use

Diamond polishing pads, wet. Wet polishing pads are the preferred choice in situations where it is suitable to use water.

Backing Pads For Diamond Polishing

Backing pad for diamond polishing discs We offer backing pads suitable for both the wet and dry diamond polishing discs.

Dry Use Diamond Polishing Pads

Diamond polishing pads for dry use. These diamond pads are designed for dry use where the use of water would be problematic, such as in a pre-installed kitchen. They are also suitable for wet use.

Diamond Hand Blocks -'Flexiblock'

Diamond hand block pads Diamond hand blocks are stocked from grade 60 to 7500 enabling full capability from stock removal to near polish on granite, stone, tiles and glass.

17in Diamond Floor Polishing Pads

Diamond floor polishing Storm pad These diamond floor polishing 'Storm' pads fit many 17in floor polishing and preparation machines and give long life.

3 Stage Diamond Polishing Pads

Diamond Polishing Pads, 3 Stage  This 3-stage polishing pad kit provides a low cost option for polishing smaller areas.

Concrete Smoothing & Polishing Discs - Halo Discs

Halo Concrete Grinding & Polishing Pads  Halo concrete polishing discs enable you to grind, smooth and polish concrete floors at low cost up to a grade 400 finish.

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