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Diamond drill bit 7mm
Diamond drill bit 7mm
25mm Tile Drill Bit for Tiles

Premium Diamond Tile Drill Bits For Porcelain Tiles & Granite - Wet Use

Applications: These are professional grade diamond drill bits using vacuum brazing to fix plenty of premium grade diamond at the cutting edge, which is best for porcelain tiles. Suitable for all hard tiles and stone surfaces including porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite and other masonry. Use with a standard power drill (with hammer action turned off). Maintain a cooling water feed for longer life. It may be easier to use a drill guide for drill sizes 5-12mm. Sizes 18mm and larger have a tungsten carbide pilot drill in the centre. This can be removed once drilling has started (key supplied).


  • Vacuum brazed diamond tipped.
  • Open core minimises cutting work by abrading the outer circle only.
  • Clearance slot for easy removal of drilled materials.
  • Use drill guide for sizes up to 12mm diameter
  • Larger sizes (18mm upwards) have a pilot drill, which can be removed after starting the hole, (key supplied).
  • Suitable for porcelain, ceramic, marble and other hard materials.
  • For wet use. 

Also Available: We also stock premium dry drill bits for situations where water would be inconvenient. We stock superb tile cutting diamond blades for porcelain.

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