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Buy high quality diamond blades, diamond core drills, cutting, grinding, flap and stripping discs here at amazing prices

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Zirconium fibre backed sanding disc.
Zirconium fibre backed sanding disc.
Semi-flexible discs
Heavy duty discs

Coarse Sanding Discs

When you need to move materials quickly, coarser grades work faster. We offer solutions for different materials:

Fibre Backed Sanding Discs: Zirconium abrasive discs for controlled sanding of metal.

Semi-Flexible Discs: Thick abrasive discs with silicon carbide abrasive, ideal for concrete, brick and masonry.

Heavy Duty Discs: Extremely coarse grade silicon carbide abrasive for grinding concrete & masonry. Ideal for removing floor coatings such as mastic, bitumen, epoxy paint etc.


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Fibre Backed Sanding Discs - Zirconium

Fibre backed sanding disc, zirconium. Zirconium abrasive fibre backed discs give great grinding performance on all steels including stainless.

Semi-Flexible Abrasive Discs

Semi-flexible abrasive sanding disc. Semi-flexible discs are great for sanding masonry and concrete for light surface removal and cleaning, eg for graffiti removal or surface renewal..

Heavy Duty Abrasive Discs

Heavy Duty Abrasive Disc Heavy Duty Abrasive Discs are great for stripping coatings off concrete floors as well providing aggressive cleaning action on stone and brickwork.

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