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General purpose diamond blade range

General Purpose Diamond Blades

Applications: Although these are our entry level diamond blades they are professsional duty blades with a good cutting ability and are ideal for general site work: paving flags, facing bricks, driveway undercutting, concrete products and blocks. The diamond segments have a minimum of 7mm depth for long life. Sizes 115 - 230mm fit most angle grinders. Larger sizes fit petrol saws and bench mounted chop saws.


  • Our entry level diamond blades are specified for professional duty with good cutting ability.
  • Diamond segment depth is 7mm min, giving 40% more life than equivalents with 5mm segments.
  • Exceptional value for the specification.
  • 300x25.4mm & 355mm diameter are laser welded with 10mm deep segments.

Also Available: For harder brick and stone, we have Multi-Slysa laser welded diamond blades.

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Dia (mm)Width (mm)Bore (mm)QtyPart No.PriceOrder
115222.2112501£4.90 Buy now
115222.2312502£12.60 Buy now
115222.21012505£39.00 Buy now
125222.2112511£5.90 Buy now
125222.2312512£15.00 Buy now
125222.21012515£46.00 Buy now
1802.222.2112521£9.50 Buy now
1802.222.2312522£25.20 Buy now
1802.222.21012525£69.00 Buy now
2302.422.2118371£9.90 Buy now
2302.422.2318372£27.00 Buy now
2302.422.21018375£82.00 Buy now
3003.220118611£19.50 Buy now
3003.220318612£54.00 Buy now
3003.2201018615£165.00 Buy now
3003.225.4113061£36.00 Buy now
3003.225.4313062£90.00 Buy now
3553.220112421£28.00 Buy now
3553.220312422£78.00 Buy now
3553.2201012425£240.00 Buy now
3553.225.4112291£28.00 Buy now
3553.225.4312292£78.00 Buy now
3553.225.41012295£240.00 Buy now

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