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Halo Concrete Polishing Disc. 115mm x M14.
Halo Concrete Polishing Disc. 115mm x M14.
Halo Concrete Polishing Disc.
Halo Concrete Polishing Disc - 175mm

Halo Concrete Polishing Discs

Applications: These discs provide the ideal answer for light grinding, (for heavy grinding, we would recommend using a diamond grinder), smoothing and polishing concrete floors using a range of machines from standard angle grinders to floor grinders and polishers. They will also work on other concrete products such as paving slabs as well as other stone surfaces. Grades 30 (very coarse) and 50 will remove surface bumps. Grades 120 and 220 will improve the surface, whilst grade 400 will polish concrete to a dull shine. From this base, the floor could either be seal coated, painted or polished further with diamond discs as required.

Halo discs can be used on single speed angle grinders although finer finishes are more easily achieved with a slower speed when polishing. 


  • Grade range from 30 (V Coarse), 50, 120, 220 to 400 (fine).
  • 115mm for 115mm and 125mm grinders. 175mm for 180mm and 230mm grinders.
  • Suitable for hard and medium concrete floors and most masonry.
  • Mounted on a backing - no backing pad required.
  • Standard M14 fixing.
  • For 1 of each grade, we offer a 5 Grade Set at a discounted price.

Also Available: To further polish or re-polish concrete, marble and other stone floors, we offer 17" diamond pads for commonly available floor machines. For more fast floor grinding, we have a range of diamond grinders and floor plates.

Dia (mm)MountingGradeQtyPart No.PriceOrder
115M145 Grade Set123603£87.50 Buy now
115M1430123501£19.80 Buy now
115M1430323502£51.00 Buy now
115M1450123511£19.80 Buy now
115M1450323512£51.00 Buy now
115M14120123521£19.80 Buy now
115M14120323522£51.00 Buy now
115M14220123531£19.80 Buy now
115M14220323532£51.00 Buy now
115M14400123541£19.80 Buy now
115M14400323542£51.00 Buy now
175M145 Grade Set123613£156.00 Buy now
175M1430123551£39.00 Buy now
175M1430323552£99.00 Buy now
175M1450123561£39.00 Buy now
175M1450323562£99.00 Buy now
175M14120123571£39.00 Buy now
175M14120323572£99.00 Buy now
175M14220123581£39.00 Buy now
175M14220323582£99.00 Buy now
175M14400123591£39.00 Buy now
175M14400323592£99.00 Buy now

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