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scotchbrite type handpads
scotchbrite type handpads
scotchbrite type hand pads, ultra fine
General Purpose Hand Pads

Hand Pads: 'Scotchbrite' Type Nonwoven Abrasive

Applications: These pads are mainly for hand use. They are especially useful on shapes and curves where conventional abrasives are not flexible enough. Handpads are also much easier on the hands than coated paper and cloth abrasives. Recommended selection:

  • General Purpose: These green pads have resin, but not abrasive grain, to give a gentler cleaning and scouring action on most surfaces.
  • Medium S: This is surprisingly effective on metal, including stainless steel, giving similar results to some 'Coarse A' pads.
  • Fine A: Good for smoothing wood and rubbing down old paint prior to painting.
  • Very Fine A: A softer handpad, ideal for curves and shapes. Good for sculpture in wood or metal.
  • Ultra Fine S: For final rubbing down of fillers or between coatings on multi-layered surface treatments. Equivalent to grade 1000.


  • Made from non-woven fleece type material impregnated with selected resin and abrasive grain.
  • Highly flexible. Can be folded, cut, stuffed in recesses etc.
  • Resistant to loading. The open structure helps avoid clogging up. Shake off dust and continue to use.
  • Size: Approx 9in x 6in, 224x158mm.
  • 'S' Grades are grey in colour and use silicon carbide abrasive. 'A' grades are maroon and use aluminium oxide abrasive. General purpose pads are green.
  • Supplied in packs of 10 pads.

Mixed Set Offer: The mixed set pack below includes 20 General Purpose hand pads and 10 each of the other 4 grades, ie 60 in total.

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GradeQtyPart No.PriceOrder
Fine A1025862£9.80 Buy now
Fine A5025865£43.00 Buy now
General Purpose1023392£4.90 Buy now
General Purpose5023395£21.00 Buy now
Medium S1025852£13.80 Buy now
Medium S5025855£50.40 Buy now
Mixed Set6025893£44.00 Buy now
Ultra Fine S1025882£12.50 Buy now
Ultra Fine S5025885£47.50 Buy now
V Fine A1025872£7.80 Buy now
V Fine A5025875£34.50 Buy now

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