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Metal Polishing Products

In partnership with Cibo Abrasives of Belgium and our sister company Abrasives For Industry Ltd, we have put together some abrasive and polishing products that will offer significant time saving when finishing or re-furbishing architectural metalwork, including:

Unitised Polishing Discs: Sometimes known as pre-polishing discs, these 'SAG' discs will rapidly get you from a sanded finish of around grade 220 to a near polishing finish.

Felt Polishing Discs: These felt discs fit on rotary metal polishers and are ideal for obtaining fine polished finishes with polishing compounds.

Polishing Compounds: We have selected 2 polishing compounds which are ideal for the final stages of mirror polishing

Stainless Steel Restoration Kit: Despite being called 'stainless', salt and chemical attack can tarnish stainless steel. This kit contains everything you need to restore it.

Metal Pre-Polishing Unitised Discs

Unitised Metal Polishing Disc  Unitised discs give a pre-polished finish to stainless steel and other metals, eliminating several stages of traditional metal polishing processes.

Metal Polishing Discs - Felt

Felt metal polishing disc  These metal polishing discs are made with soft felt and used with suitable polishing compounds can achieve high and mirror polishes on metal.

Metal Polishing Compounds

Metal Polishing Compounds  We stock polishing compounds suitable for fine metal polishing.

Stainless Steel Restoration Kit - Inoxiclean

Stainless Steel Restoration Kit - Inoxiclean Restore  This kit contains everything you needed to remove tarnish and restore a bright finish to stainless steel products.

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