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Mortar raking fingers.

Mortar Raking Fingers

Applications: For mortar raking in short runs or where a mortar raking diamond blade may not be suitable. Also useful around curves and uneven stonework.


  • Coated in tungsten carbide abrasive grain
  • Fits most standard angle grinders with M14 attachment.
  • Choose 8mm (normally best between bricks) or 12mm wide (normally best for stonework).
  • Easier to use in pre-drilled starter hole.

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Dia (mm)Length (mm)FittingQtyPart No.PriceOrder
850M14118901£9.40 Buy now
850M14318902£24.60 Buy now
850M141018905£72.00 Buy now
1230M14110091£6.30 Buy now
1230M14310092£16.80 Buy now
1230M141010095£52.00 Buy now

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