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Multi-Slysa Diamond Blade For Brick, Concrete and Stone Cutting.
Multi-Slysa Diamond Blade For Brick, Concrete and Stone Cutting.
Multi Slysa 300mm diamond blade
Multi Slysa 115mm diamond blade

Multi-Slysa Diamond Blades to Slice a Multitude of Materials

Applications: Superb diamond blades for contractors who want one durable blade to cut a wide range of materials. Multi-Slysa cuts facing brick, concrete products, concrete with re-bar, clay products and a wide range of stone including granite. Sizes are stocked for angle grinders, petrol saws and bench mounted chop saws. The 355mm and 450mm sizes are popular for cutting brick slips. The turbo style segments cut faster, whilst also helping to keep cool when using dry. Suitable for wet as well as dry use.


  • Robust laser welded diamond segments for durability. 
  • Turbo style segments improve cooling and increase cutting speed.
  • 10mm deep diamond segments giving longer life.
  • Suitable for wet or dry cutting.
  • Cuts multiple material types including brick, stone as hard as granite, concrete, roof tiles and more.
  • Sizes for 115, 125, 180 and 230mm are mainly used on angle grinders.
  • Sizes 300mm, 355mm and 400mm are mostly used on petrol saws such as Sthil and Husqvarna.
  • Sizes 355mm and 450mm are popular for use on bench mounted chop saws. 

Also Available: For extreme materials such as engineering bricks we offer market leading Multi-Slysa Premium Plus diamond blades. For ground work we recommend Road Slitta blades.

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DiameterBoreWidthQtyPart No.PriceOrder
11522.22.1119041£12.00 Buy now
11522.22.1319042£31.50 Buy now
11522.22.11019045£90.00 Buy now
12522.22.2119051£14.00 Buy now
12522.22.2319052£37.50 Buy now
12522.22.21019055£115.00 Buy now
18022.22.3119061£25.00 Buy now
18022.22.3319062£66.00 Buy now
18022.22.31019065£200.00 Buy now
23022.22.4118011£30.00 Buy now
23022.22.4318012£84.00 Buy now
23022.22.41018015£250.00 Buy now
300203.2118021£49.00 Buy now
300203.2318022£135.00 Buy now
300203.21018025£420.00 Buy now
30022.23.2118031£49.00 Buy now
30022.23.2318032£135.00 Buy now
30022.23.21018035£420.00 Buy now
355203.2118041£75.00 Buy now
355203.2318042£204.00 Buy now
355203.21018045£640.00 Buy now
35525.43.2118051£75.00 Buy now
35525.43.2318052£204.00 Buy now
35525.43.21018055£640.00 Buy now
40025.43.2119071£94.00 Buy now
40025.43.2319072£240.00 Buy now
40025.43.21019075£680.00 Buy now
45025.43.6118061£108.00 Buy now
45025.43.6318062£291.00 Buy now
45025.43.61018065£910.00 Buy now

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