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Dry Tile Drill Bits
Dry Tile Drill Bits
Dry Tile Drill Bit

Premium Dry Diamond Drill Bits

Applications: These drill bits are the ideal answer when holes are needed in hard materials, such as porcelain, without the mess of water cooling. They will drill all tiles including hard porcelain, as well as ceramic, granite and marble. They only require a standard power drill with a chuck, (turn off hammer action), and preferably some sort of drill guide.


  • Premium grade diamond for drilling hard materials.
  • Vacuum brazing forms extremely strong diamond bond. 
  • Hex shank for use in standard drill chucks (turn of hammer action).
  • Wax filled. Heat will release wax to lubricate and cool.

Other Sizes: We offer larger sizes upto 65mm dia in premium drills for wet use.

Dia (mm)QtyPart No.PriceOrder
5115501£12.50 Buy now
5315502£33.00 Buy now
51015505£90.00 Buy now
6115511£12.90 Buy now
6315512£34.50 Buy now
61015515£93.00 Buy now
7115521£13.20 Buy now
7315522£36.00 Buy now
71015525£102.00 Buy now
8115531£13.80 Buy now
8315532£37.50 Buy now
81015535£106.00 Buy now
10115541£14.90 Buy now
10315542£39.00 Buy now
101015545£110.00 Buy now
12115551£15.50 Buy now
12315552£42.00 Buy now
121015555£115.00 Buy now

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