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Premium Thin Metal Cutting Discs
Premium Thin Metal Cutting Discs
115mm Premium Thin Metal Cutting Discs

Premium Thin Metal Cutting Discs. (Approx 60% more life, just  30% price premium).

Applications: For slitting sheet metal, cutting bar, rod, pipe and plate steel and stainless steel using angle grinders. These discs are designed to last longer on both stainless and mild steel, resulting in fewer disc changes. (Tests have given us an increased life of 60% on stainless steel tubing and 75% increased life on mild steel plate compared to our already improved and highly popular standard thin cutting discs.)


  • Sizes for 115mm and 125mm angle grinders.
  • Complant with EN12413.
  • Flat profile, (Type 41).
  • Suitable for stainless steel. Free from chlorinated, sulphurous and ferrous contaminants.
  • 1.2mm thickness, giving a good balance of fast cutting speed with rigidity for straight cutting. 

Special Offer: Buy 200 115mm discs for just £116, or 200 125mm discs for just £150. See below.

Dia (mm)Width (mm)Bore (mm)QtyPart No.PriceOrder
1151.222.21012982£11.00 Buy now
1151.222.25012983£45.00 Buy now
1151.222.210012985£68.00 Buy now
1151.222.220012986£116.00 Buy now
1251.222.21012992£14.00 Buy now
1251.222.25012993£55.00 Buy now
1251.222.210012995£90.00 Buy now
1251.222.220012996£150.00 Buy now

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