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Zirconium Abrasive Sanding Belt
Zirconium Abrasive Sanding Belt
Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Sanding Belt
Ceramic Abrasive Belt For Hard Metals

Sanding Machine Belts

Applications: These belts fit popular fixed belt sanders including linishers, tube notching machines and belt grinders. All are made for high performance and durability. Joints are angled, ground, taped and cured for smooth running and strength. Aluminium oxide abrasive belts are ideal for wood, both hard and soft as well as mild steel. Zirconium will out-perform aluminium oxide in the same applications and is also ideal for harder alloys such as stainless steel. The zirconium belt backing is heavy duty polyester making them ideal for onerous applications such as tube notching and metal grinding. Ceramic abrasive belts will give long life and high performance on all metals. 


  • Aluminium oxide (Al-Oxide) belts are made with strong X-weight cloth backing.
  • Heavy Duty Zirconium (HD Zirc) belts are made with premium, high purity zirconium on a heavy duty polyester backing.
  • Ceramic abrasive belts are top coated with grinding aids and are on a heavy duty polyester backing.
  • Joints are all ground and taped for strength and smooth running.

Also Available: We supply 3in and 4in wide sander belts for most hand held sanders. Our sister company, Abrasives For Industry, can supply belts of almost any size. Please contact us for a quote.

Width x Length (mm)AbrasiveGradeQtyPart No.PriceOrder
25x1065Ceramic801026462£19.40 Buy now
75x2000HD Zirc361026252£58.40 Buy now
75x2000HD Zirc601026262£49.30 Buy now
75x2000HD Zirc801026272£46.70 Buy now
75x2000HD Zirc1201026282£45.00 Buy now
100x915Al-Oxide601022302£24.80 Buy now
100x915Al-Oxide801022312£23.60 Buy now
100x915Al-Oxide1201022322£23.00 Buy now
100x915HD Zirc361026412£46.70 Buy now
100x915HD Zirc601026422£40.70 Buy now
100x915HD Zirc801026432£38.90 Buy now
100x915HD Zirc1201026442£37.50 Buy now
100x1220HD Zirc401026452£63.10 Buy now
100x1220HD Zirc601026612£56.20 Buy now
100x1220HD Zirc801026622£54.20 Buy now
100x1220HD Zirc1201026632£54.20 Buy now
100x2000HD Zirc361026292£87.30 Buy now
100x2000HD Zirc601026302£73.10 Buy now
100x2000HD Zirc801026312£71.70 Buy now
100x2000HD Zirc1201026322£68.20 Buy now
150x1090HD Zirc361026382£88.80 Buy now
150x1090HD Zirc601026392£72.30 Buy now
150x1090HD Zirc801026402£62.60 Buy now
150x1220HD Zirc601026642£79.20 Buy now
150x1220HD Zirc801026372£74.40 Buy now
150x1220HD Zirc1201026652£70.20 Buy now
150x2000HD Zirc361026332£116.20 Buy now
150x2000HD Zirc601026342£101.60 Buy now
150x2000HD Zirc801026352£99.90 Buy now
150x2000HD Zirc1201026362£94.30 Buy now

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