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Buy high quality diamond blades, diamond core drills, cutting, grinding, flap and stripping discs here at amazing prices

Tile cutting saw diamond disc bladesDiamond blades for hard blocks and bricksPetrol saw wheels, diamond blades and discs

Abrasive sanding belts for portable belts sanders.
Abrasive sanding belts for portable belts sanders.
Spindle mounted abrasive flap wheels.
Strip clean stripping discs to clean & strip metal and wood.
Fibre backed abrasive sanding discs.
Abrasive sanding discs for orbital and rotary sanders.
Flap discs in zirconium abrasive.
Hand sanding blocks for grip discs
Sanding Roll
Wire Brush Wheels

Sanding & Stripping: Discs, Belts, Wheels, Rolls and Hand Blocks

We offer popular ranges of abrasive sanding and stripping discs and belts in high specification materials to out-perform more basic products.

Try Strip Clean stripping discs for a fast way to shift coatings from wood and metal.

Our flap discs are offered with zirconium flaps only, far out-performing ordinary aluminium oxide flap discs and suitable for most metal right up to hard alloys.

In fibre backed sanding discs, we standardise on zirconium abrasive which gives far superior performance and life than aluminium oxide.

In wire brush wheels, we specialise in stainless steel grade, which avoids contaminating stainless steel and won't result in rust stains. We also have an excellent steel range of brush wheels using brass coated steel on the crimped wire types for longer life. 

For hand sanding we offer ingenious hand blocks for flat surfaces and abrasive fleece handpads for shapes and bends.

Flap Discs

Flap disc for metal made with zirconium abrasive. Our flap discs, are made with zirconium abrasive.  In the popular standard 115mm size, we have some amazing low prices. We also offer a suberb range of premium quality discs from 100mm upto 180mm diameter.

Stripping Discs: Rapid Paint & Rust Removal

Strip Clean polycarbide discs to clean and strip metal and wood. Strip Clean stripping discs are probably the fastest products to clean & strip rust, paint, vanish and grime from metal and wood. They don't load up like most sanding products.

Flap Wheels

Spindle mounted flap wheels Flap wheels can provide fast, but gentle, abrasive action. We stock spindle mounted for drills and air tools and M14 mounted for angle grinders.

Abrasive Sanding Belts

Sander and linisher belts. We offer very competitively priced sanding belts for most portable belts sanders and popular belt sanding machines.

Sanding Discs - Grip Backed

Grip backed abrasive sanding discs in premium aluminium oxide. Our grip backed abrasive sanding discs are stocked in 125 and 150mm diameters for most DA and rotary disc sanders.

Coarse Sanding Discs

Zirconium fibre backed sanding disc. Coarse grade sanding discs for metal, stone and concrete are stocked in 3 types: fibre backed zirconium discs for metal, semi-flexible discs for masonry and Heavy Duty discs for ultra coarse duty on thick coatings.

Hand Sanding Products

Hand Sanding Blocks For hand sanding flat surfaces, we offer a hand sanding block which accepts grip sanding discs, for shapes and curves we stock a range of scotchbrite type handpads and for pipes, ducting etc, we offer abrasive mesh rolls.

Sandpaper Rolls

Sandpaper roll We stock sandpaper in 115mm rolls for convenience. We have flexible papers for decorators and stiffer rolls for woodworking.

Roloc Compatible Quick Change Discs

Quick Change, Roloc Type Discs Quick change discs are compatible with Roloc™ and other button mounted disc systems. They are ideal for metalwork, body repair work and detailed woodwork.

Wire Brush Wheels: Stainless Steel

Wire Brush Wheel - Stainless Steel We stock a wide range of stainless steel grade wire brush wheels to minimise contamination risk when working on stainless steel and to use on colour sensitive masonry.

Wire Brush Wheels: Steel Wire

Wire Brush Cup Wheel We stock a selection of high quality steel wire wheel brushes for angle grinders, drills, air-tools and bench machines.

Metal Polishing Products

Felt metal polishing disc  These products provide time saving solutions to polishing and restoring architectural metals such as stainless steel.

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