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Buy high quality diamond blades, diamond core drills, cutting, grinding, flap and stripping discs here at amazing prices

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Spindle mounted flap wheels

Spindle Mounted Flap Wheels

Applications: For use in drill chucks or air tools with 6mm collets. Fast, but gentle removal of material including metal, rust, coatings and fillers.


  • Max Speed: 30mm 22,900rpm, 50mm 13,700rpm, 60mm 12,500rpm, 80mm 8,500rpm.
  • Flexible, durable cloth backed flaps.
  • High grade aluminium oxide abrasive, ideal for use on most wood and metal.
  • Available in coarse (grade 40) to very fine (grade 120).

Also Available: For paint stripping with a drill, we also stock spindle mounted stripping wheels.

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Dia (mm)Depth (mm)GradeQtyPart No.PriceOrder
301040125171£2.70 Buy now
3010401025175£23.00 Buy now
301060126471£2.70 Buy now
3010601026475£23.00 Buy now
301080125181£2.90 Buy now
3010801025185£23.50 Buy now
3010120126481£2.90 Buy now
30101201026485£23.50 Buy now
502040125191£3.50 Buy now
5020401025195£31.00 Buy now
502060126491£3.50 Buy now
5020601026495£31.00 Buy now
502080125201£3.80 Buy now
5020801025205£33.00 Buy now
5020120126501£3.80 Buy now
50201201026505£33.00 Buy now
603040126511£5.30 Buy now
6030401026515£44.50 Buy now
603060126521£5.30 Buy now
6030601025625£44.50 Buy now
603080126531£5.50 Buy now
6030801026535£46.00 Buy now
6030120126541£5.50 Buy now
60301201026545£46.00 Buy now
805040125211£8.40 Buy now
8050401025215£70.00 Buy now
805060126551£8.40 Buy now
8050601026555£70.00 Buy now
805080125221£8.80 Buy now
8050801025225£73.00 Buy now
8050120126561£8.80 Buy now
80501201026565£73.00 Buy now

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