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Stainless steel cutting discs
Stainless steel cutting discs
Stainless steel thin cutting disc, 230mm
Stainless steel chop saw wheel, 355mm
Thin air tool metal slitting disc, 75mm

Thin Metal Cutting & Slitting Discs - (Suitable For Stainless Steel)

Applications: These are good quality metal cutting discs which attract a high level of repeat orders from customers. They are ideal for almost cutting all ferrous metals including hard alloys, as they are stainless steel grade as standard. For use on angle grinders (100mm to 230mm), air tools  (75mm), and 14in (355mm) bench mounted chop saws. Having a thin section, they work cooler on the metal, cut faster and produce less waste. Although fully capable of cutting stainless steel, they are more popularly used for cutting mild steel. In the smaller diameters, the design provides a good degree of rigidity for accurate cutting. (Whilst other designs may be a fraction of a millimeter thinner, we see the advantage in being able to keep the cut straight with a more rigid disc.) 


  • Thin profile makes for faster cutting and less waste.
  • Comply with EN12413.
  • Sizes 100-230mm for almost all angle grinders.
  • Size 355x25.4mm fits most standard bench chop saws.
  • Size 75mm size has rated speed of 25,000rpm, correct for most air tools. 
  • Suitable for use on stainless; free from chlorinated, sulphurous and ferrous fillers.
  • Quality discs with metal mounting centres.

Special offer on popular 115mm size: Buy 200 for £90.00. See Part No 12123.

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Dia (mm)Width (mm)Bore (mm)QtyPart No.PriceOrder
751.29.61012442£6.00 Buy now
751.29.610012445£42.00 Buy now
1001.2161012112£6.90 Buy now
1001.2165012113£28.00 Buy now
1001.21610012115£47.00 Buy now
1151.222.21012122£8.70 Buy now
1151.222.25012124£32.00 Buy now
1151.222.210012125£52.00 Buy now
1151.222.220012123£90.00 Buy now
1251.222.21012132£10.40 Buy now
1251.222.25012133£40.00 Buy now
1251.222.210012135£68.00 Buy now
1801.622.21012492£14.80 Buy now
1801.622.25012493£55.00 Buy now
1801.622.210012495£99.00 Buy now
230222.21012142£20.20 Buy now
230222.25012143£80.00 Buy now
230222.210012145£142.00 Buy now
3552.825.41012632£41.00 Buy now
3552.825.42512635£82.50 Buy now
3552.825.410012636£290.00 Buy now

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