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Wire Brush Wheels - Stainless Steel

We stock wire brush wheels made with stainless steel wire in several configurations:

Angle Grinder: Radial & Bevel Twisted Knot

Angle Grinder: Cup Brushes Twisted Knot & Crimped

Spindle Mounted: Radial Crimped

Spindle Mounted: Crimped End (pointed)

Machine Wheel: Crimped.

Pipeline Wheel: Narrow Profile Twisted Knot

Cup Wire Brushes: Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Wire Cup Brushes. These cup brushes are stocked in both crimped and twisted knot stainless steel wire for use on angle grinders or metal polishers.

Angle Grinder Brush Wheels: Stainless Steel

Wire Brush Wheel For Angle Grinder - Stainless Steel. These twisted knot brush wheels give aggressive use on angle grinders.

Bench Wire Brush Wheels: Stainless Steel

Bench Mounted Wire Brush Wheel - Stainless Steel We stock 150mm & 200mm stainless steel wire brush wheels for use on bench mounted rotating shaft applications where the work-piece can be held to the wheel.

Spindle Mounted Radial Brush Wheels: Stainless

Spindle Mounted Stainless Steel Wire Brush Wheels. We stock spindle mounted radial wheel brushes from 30 to 100mm in stainless steel.

Spindle Mounted End Brush: Stainless

Wire Wheel Pointed End Brush, Stainless Steel These spindle mounted pointed end brushes are narrow and are ideal for de-carbonising cylinders and cleaning small corners.

Pipeline Wire Brush Wheels - Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Wire Pipeline Brush Wheel  This narrow faced stainless steel twisted knot brush wheels are ideal for cleaning pipeline and corner welds.

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