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Wire Cup Brush Wheels
Wire Cup Brush Wheels
Wire Cup Brush Wheels
Protected Cup Brush

Wire Brush Cup Wheel - Steel

Applications: These wire wheel cup brushes are fitted with captive M14 nuts to fit standard angle grinders and variable speed metal polishing machines from 115mm upwards. The twisted knot steel brushes are for applications requiring high aggression such as heavily rusted steel and welds. The crimped wire uses brass coated steel to give more controlled action for lighter coatings removal, cleaning etc. We stock the popular 60-65mm size and a larger 125mm diameter cup brush for 125 and 230mm angle grinders. There is also an increased safety protected cup brush. This has a protection guard and a higher speed rating to minimise the incidence of broken wires flying off.


  • M14 fitting to suit 115mm and larger machines.
  • Twisted knot steel or brass coated crimped steel.
  • Protective guard option on 100mm brush.
  • Speed ratings:

          Twisted Knot: 65mm 15,000rpm. 125mm 6,500rpm.

          Crimped Wire: 60mm 11,000rpm. 125mm 8,500rpm.

          Protected Brush 100mm 15,000rpm

Also Available: We also stock stainless steel wire cup brushes.



DescriptionDia (mm)QtyPart No.PriceOrder
BCS Crimped60127521£5.10 Buy now
BCS Crimped60327522£13.80 Buy now
BCS Crimped601227525£50.40 Buy now
BCS Crimped125127531£10.20 Buy now
BCS Crimped125327532£27.60 Buy now
BCS Crimped1251227535£98.40 Buy now
Protected BCS100127641£9.80 Buy now
Protected BCS100327642£26.40 Buy now
Protected BCS1001227645£96.00 Buy now
Twisted Knot65127541£6.40 Buy now
Twisted Knot65327542£17.70 Buy now
Twisted Knot651227545£64.80 Buy now
Twisted Knot125127551£15.80 Buy now
Twisted Knot125327552£42.60 Buy now
Twisted Knot1251227555£138.00 Buy now

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