Road Slitta Asphalt & Concrete Diamond Blades

Road Slitta Asphalt & Concrete Diamond Blades
 Road Slitta Asphalt & Concrete Diamond BladesRoad Slitta Asphalt & Concrete Diamond Blades 

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Applications: Cutting asphalt and concrete usually requires two different diamond blades, but with Road Slitta all ground cutting can be done with the same blade. There are tungsten carbide inserts and skewed dust ejecting segments to prolong life against the abrasive wear of asphalt, whilst the segments hold premium diamond cut cut concrete, even with hard aggregates.

Sizes are offered for use on petrol saws and floor or road saws.


  • 10mm deep laser welded diamond segments for long life.
  • Unique double protected design for abrasive asphalt and green concrete.
  • Good diamond concentration for cured ground concrete, even with hard aggregates.
  • Tungsten carbide inserts protect the vulnerable leading edge of the welds.
  • Skewed segments remove abrasive waste to minimise wear.
  • Sizes for most petrol saws and floor & road saws.
  • For most hand held petrol saws such a Stihl, chose either 300 or 355mm with 20mm bore.
  • For most floor saws, a bore size of 25.4mm is used, along with the drive pin hole which is included.
  • Can be used wet of dry.
  • Compliant with EN13236.

Prices: These can be bought from Abrasive World with discounts for quantities.