Bobbin Sander Sleeves

Bobbin Sander Sleeves

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Applications: Bobbin sander sleeves provide curved faces to sand shapes in wood, metal, MDF and composites. Different sanders have various diameters and require different sleeve lengths, hence our range of sleeves is very extensive. Many of these sanders are of USA design and thus sizing is often in inches, although we normally give both metric and imperil dimensions. Whilst the required diameter is usually specific, the length can be adjusted by either cutting down longer sleeves, or on many bobbins, two or more lengths can be added with satisfactory results. If you can't find the exact length you are looking for, these may offer alternative approaches. 


  • Wound onto inner layer for stiffness.
  • Spiral would for smoother sanding.
  • Aluminium oxide abrasive for a wide range of materials.
  • Sold in packs of 10, (or 5s in larger diameters).
  • Sizes based on imperial internal diameters (quoted in imperial and metric sizes).

Purchasing: The UK's widest stock range of bobbin sander sleeves can be purchased via the Abrasives World website.