Ceramic Flap Discs

Ceramic Flap Discs
Ceramic Flap DiscsCeramic Flap DiscsCeramic Flap Discs

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Applications: Ceramic flap discs give a stepped increase in life and performance over zirconium flap discs, especially on stainless steel and harder alloys. They are primarily used for metal grinding and shaping and thus are available in grades 40 and 60 for rapid or more controlled stock removal. They will work well on fixed speed angle grinders but optimum life will be achieved to reducing the speed slightly on variable speed angle grinders.



  • Ceramic abrasive typically offering 3 times the life of equivalent zirconium flap discs.
  • Mounted on fibre backing discs to fit directly to angle grinder flanges.
  • Grades 40 and 60 available for rapid or more controlled grinding.
  • Quality made by Cibo Abrasives of Belgium.
  • Slightly conical profile for ease of surface contact.  
  • Compliant with standard EN14713.
  • Speed Rating: 115mm -13,200rpm. 125mm -12,200rpm. Optimum Speed: 6,000rpm.

Purchasing: Ceramic flap discs are stocked at Abrasives World.