Ceramic and Glass Tile Drill Bits

Ceramic and Glass Tile Drill Bits
 Ceramic and Glass Tile Drill BitsCeramic and Glass Tile Drill Bits 

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Applications: These diamond tipped drill bits will core neat holes in glass and ceramic tiles. Use with water. They have standard round spindles to fit drill chucks.


  • Open core bits to remove neat round plugs.
  • Electroplated diamond tipped.
  • Round spindles to fit standard drill chucks.
  • Best used wet for longer life.
  • Toothed rims for neater action on glass.

Also Available: We offer a premium vacuum brazed drill range for porcelain and granite, with sizes up to 45mm. We supply a full range of tile cutting diamond blades for almost any wet tile saw or angle grinder.

Purchasing: These drill bits are available to purchase from the Abrasives World website.