Crack Chasing Diamond Blades

Crack Chasing Diamond Blades
Crack Chasing Diamond BladesCrack Chasing Diamond BladesCrack Chasing Diamond Blades

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Applications: Made using a premium grade of diamond to ensure they are suitable for all types of concrete floors, even those with the hardest of aggregates. These discs are to be used in the repair of concrete cracks. "Chase out" the cracks creating a workable opening for pouring in the repair agent and ensuring that the edges are clean to increase the bond. We offer these discs in 3 sizes suiting hand held angle grinders, we recommend using the 180mm disc with a 230mm (9 inch) angle grinder.


  • Premium quality diamond content.
  • Laser welded for superior strength.
  • Axe-head style profile makes it easier to follow the crack.
  • 9.5mm width for the perfect opening to pour the chosen repair agent.

Purchasing: Crack chaser can be purchased from the Abrasives World website.