Core Drill Accessories

Core Drill Accessories
Core Drill AccessoriesCore Drill AccessoriesCore Drill Accessories
Core Drill AccessoriesCore Drill AccessoriesCore Drill Accessories

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 Core Drill Bit Accessories

Our core drill accessories provide everything you need to successfully drill with our diamond core bits.

Guidance Notes: All our core bits use 1/2"BSP female threaded connections. We offer both hexagon and SDS (=SDS Plus) adaptors to fit almost all suitable power drills. (If your drill has an SDS Max fitting it may not be suitable for coring as it may be an impact drill). With a 150mm long core bit plus a standard adaptor there will be enough reach to drill through most walls, unless made of older stone construction. For a cavity wall drilled through from one side, you would benefit from an exteded adaptor.

Drills also need a pilot hole (except 22 and 28mm) to locate the bit at the start of drilling and steer it through the correct line. The pilot hole can be drilled concurrently with the pilot drill fitted to the adaptor, or it can be pre-drilled, (preferrable if you are not sure of what may be in the wall!) Guide drills have a tapered fit which locates in the adaptor and protrudes right through the core drill beyond the core bit (see photo). They can be easily pushed out with a drift key.

Lengths shown are extension lengths and exclude the adaptor fittings which insert into the drill and core bit.

Starting Out: If you don't have any fittings you will need as a starting point:

  • Adaptor or extended adaptor of your choice
  • Guide drill (except on 22 and 28mm core bits)
  • Drift key to remove guide drill.

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Also Available: We supply a great range of laser welded dry core drill bits.