Diamond Polishing Pads - Wet Use

Diamond Polishing Pads - Wet Use

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Applications:  Diamond polishing requires the use of a polishing machine or variable speed angle grinder, where the speed can be brought down to around 2,000 - 2,500 rpm. These wet polishing pads require a small amount of water to keep the polishing base on the granite wet. We also have dry use polishing pads, but if you can work wet, it should be easier to get a great finish and they will last longer. They work well on nearly all stone types, especially granite (worktops etc) and will also achieve excellent results on suitably cast concrete. These are premium diamond pads with 3mm of diamond depth and sufficient life for several square metres, not to be confused with low priced pads with just surface diamond for re-polishing small areas. The set provides all the discs needed to go from a reasonably cut or ground finish, starting with grade 50 and building the polish up to a bright buff finish.


  • Premium grade pads with high performance diamond grain.
  • Generous 3mm depth of usable diamond pad for longer life.
  • Grades from 50 (coarse) to 3000 (ultra-fine), plus white and black buffing grades.
  • 9 disc set includes all grades, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, white buff, black buff.
  • Water cooled, the surface should be kept wet.
  • Use at approx 2,000 - 2,500rpm for best results.

Also Available: We stock backing pads suitable for use with these discs. If you need to work dry, we stock dry use polishing pads. For floor polishing we stock 17" diamond pads for use on suitable machines.

Tip: Before moving on to the next finer grade, wash away the coarser sludge from the previous grade.

Purchasing: Our full range of diamond polishing pads is available at Abrasives World.