Dry Use Diamond Polishing Pads

Dry Use Diamond Polishing Pads
 Dry Use Diamond Polishing PadsDry Use Diamond Polishing Pads 

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Applications: These polishing pads are for use with a suitable polishing machine or a variable speed angle grinder on a slow speed setting. Mount on a suitable grip backing pad. Dry polishing pads are ideal for situations were water would be inconvenient, such as in pre-installed kitchens. They can also be used wet, which will help give a longer life. They are highly effective on most stone and concrete surfaces especially marble and granite worktops.


  • Premium grade pads with high performance diamond grain.
  • Grades from 50 (coarse) to 3000 (ultra-fine), plus white and black buffing grades.
  • 9 disc set includes all grades, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, black buff, white buff.
  • Air cooled by rotating action.
  • Use below 4,000rpm for best results.
  • Designed for dry use, but also suitable for wet use where situation permits use of water.

Also Available: Grip backing pads are available for mounting these discs.

Tip: Before moving on to the next finer grade, remove the coarser dust from the previous grade.

Purchasing: These discs are available either in single grades or complete sets at Abrasives World.