Extended Dry Diamond Core Bits For Deep Walls

Extended Dry Diamond Core Bits For Deep Walls
 Extended Dry Diamond Core Bits For Deep WallsExtended Dry Diamond Core Bits For Deep Walls 

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Applications: These core bits have extended barrels to drill into deep walls. They are especially useful in the walls of older building where the middle may be loose-filled. Once drilled through, the pipe can be inserted as the core bit is withdrawn to help avoid fall-back of the loose fill. They are also useful in the smaller sizes, where the adaptors would restrict the available drilling depth. They use standard dry core bit 1/2" BSP fittings. Use a power drill without hammer action and with a clutch or torque limiter. Ideal power would be 1kW or more, especially for the 107mm size. 


  • Premium diamond segments
  • Laser welded segment joins for strength
  • Dust feed 'N' slots remove dust from cutting face.
  • External spiral dust feed to push dust to back.
  • Takes standard dry core bit fitments 1/2"BSP male adaptors.
  • Ideal for most wall stone, brick and concrete.

Also Available: We stock a range of accessories for dry core bits.

Purchasing: Extended barrel core bits can be supplied from stock at Abrasives World.