Granite Turbo Smooth Cutting Diamond Blades

Granite Turbo Smooth Cutting Diamond Blades

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Applications: Perfect diamond blade to achieve a neat, smooth cut on the hardest of building materials. Ideal to be used on bricks, blocks, granite, roof tiles etc. We hold these diamond blades in stock in 115mm, 125mm and 230mm for hand held angle grinders, also in the 300mm and 350mm for larger petrol saws such as the Stihl TS410. They are also designed to offer a quieter cutting action, making them a good choice for internal use or on noise-sensitive sites.

  • Continuous diamond rim ensures a neat cut.
  • Turbo style rim for fast cutting of hard materials. 
  • The 10mm deep diamond segments offer extended life (12mm on 230mm and 300mm).
  • Cooling holes in the engineered core improve through-visibility of material.
  • Suitable for wet or dry use. 
  • Compliant with EN13236.

Purchasing: Granite turbo blades are available from stock at Abrasives World.