75mm Metal Slitting Diamond Wheels

75mm Metal Slitting Diamond Wheels
 75mm Metal Slitting Diamond Wheels75mm Metal Slitting Diamond Wheels 

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Applications: These diamond Multi-Material slitting discs will slit most sheet materials and cut small profiles such as metal bolts. They can be used on metal, fibreglass, GRP, carbon fibre, stone and composite materials. They are used on a mounting arbour, (stocked if required) with die-grinders or drills. They are a great alternative to 3" metal slitting discs as they will typically outlast 50 of them.


  • Multi-materials cutting ability due to direct diamond contact.
  • Vacuum brazed diamond bond.
  • 9.6mm bore (3/8").
  • Speed rated 25,000rpm.
  • Mounting arbour (mandrel) has 6mm shank with slotted head screwdriver fixing.

Also Available: We have a range of Multi-Material 'Rescue' diamond blades wheels for use on angle grinders and petrol saws - see Rescue Blades

Pricing: These discs are sold on the Abrasives World website.