Mortar Raking Fingers

Mortar Raking Fingers

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Applications: These tungsten carbide coated fingers are for mortar raking short runs or where a mortar raking diamond blade may not be suitable such as around random stonework. They fit directly to the spindle of an angle grinder. They have the advantage of not throwing out as much air-born dust as diamond mortar rakes might, which might make them more suited for use in closely built up areas or where dust control is not readily available.


  • Coated in tungsten carbide abrasive grain.
  • Fits most standard angle grinders with M14 attachment.
  • Choose 8mm (normally best between bricks) or 12mm wide (normally best for stonework).
  • Easier to use in pre-drilled starter hole.

Purchasing: Mortar raking fingers are stocked at Abrasives World, with quantity discounts available.