Multi Slysa Premium + Diamond Blades For Hard Materials

Multi Slysa Premium + Diamond Blades For Hard Materials

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Applications: These are diamond blades for tough materials including granite, Indian stone, limestone and hard bricks. The premium diamond segments are turbo style for faster, but cooler cutting. The centre mounting plate incorporates cooling holes, which also allow better visibility. The 230mm size is for 9" angle grinders. There are 300 and 355mm sizes for petrol saws and 350mm and 450mm for bench mounted chop saws. When cutting hard brick slips, these blades provide faster cutting and long life. 


  • Premium diamond clusters for the hardest building materials.
  • Aggressive turbo style diamond segments for faster cutting.
  • Massive 15mm deep diamond segments (10mm on 230mm) give long life and exceptional value for money.
  • Cooling holes reduce heat build up and allow some 'through the blade' visibility when cutting.
  • Compliant with EN13236.
  • 230mm size is suitable for all 9in angle grinders.
  • 300 and 355mm sizes are rated for 100m/s and are suitable for hand-held petrol saws such as Stihl 410 and Husqvarna K760.
  • The 450mm size is ideal for many table and large chop saws and is ideal for cutting hard bricks and block.

Prices: These diamond blades are sold on the Abrasives World website or you can phone 01768 864202.