PCD Floor Preparation Cup Discs

PCD Floor Preparation Cup Discs
 PCD Floor Preparation Cup DiscsPCD Floor Preparation Cup Discs 

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Applications: PCD cup discs use large polycrystaline diamond tips on small metal studs to scrape rather than abrade coatings. They are used on angle grinders or floor grinders (hand held floor preparation machines) for rapid removal of paint, epoxy, mastic and other floor coatings. The diamond tips give long service life, clearing large areas quickly. They work when other abrasive products fail on bitumen, pitch and similar soft coatings by avoiding creating excessive heat. The tips scour quickly and resist loading up.


  • Uses polycrystaline diamond (PCD) tips for performance and durability.
  • Generous PCD tip count for rapid action and longer life.
  • Fits standard angle grinders and floor preparation machines with standard 22.2 mm flanges.
  • Rapid removal rate, (wear eye and dust protection).

Also Available: We also stock PCD floor plates in 250mm diameter to suit many popular floor preparation machines.

Purchasing: These PCD discs are stocked at Abrasives World.