Premium Tile Drill Bits - Dry Use

Premium Tile Drill Bits - Dry Use
 Premium Tile Drill Bits - Dry UsePremium Tile Drill Bits - Dry Use 

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Applications: When fitting out in installed bathrooms and kitchens, wet drilling can make too much mess. These dry use drill bits offer the answer. They can be used in standard drill chucks (turn off hammer action) with no other equipment or lubricant. The premium diamond on the tip is vacuum brazed for robustness and they are suitable for drilling porcelain as well as ceramic, marble and granite. The core is filled with wax which provides the necessary lubrication if the tip gets hot. 


  • Diamond core format.
  • Premium grade diamond for drilling hard porcelain.
  • Hexagonal 6 mm  shank for use in drill chucks (turn off hammer action).
  • Wax filled for lubrication.
  • Designed for dry use, but can also be used wet.

Other Sizes: We offer larger sizes up to 112 mm in angle grinder driven tile drill bits.

Purchasing: These drill bits can be bought from the Abrasives World website.