Premium Thin Metal Cutting Discs

Premium Thin Metal Cutting Discs
 Premium Thin Metal Cutting DiscsPremium Thin Metal Cutting Discs 

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Applications: These discs are for use on 115mm and 125mm angle grinders to cut mild steel, stainless steel and cast iron. Typical uses include sheet metal slitting and cutting metal bars, angle, rods and pipes. Our tests show 60% increase in cuts on stainless steel and over 70% increase on mild steel compared to our normal (silver coloured) popular thin discs.


  • Designed for use on 115mm and 125mm angle grinders.
  • Complant with EN12413.
  • Flat profile, (Type 41).
  • Suitable for stainless steel. Free from chlorinated, sulphurous and ferrous contaminants.
  • Speed rated 80m/s for fixed or variable speed angle grinders.
  • 1.2mm thickness, giving a good balance of fast cutting speed with rigidity for straight cutting. 

Purchasing: These discs are available with quantity discounts from Abrasives World