Quick Change Felt Polishing Discs

Quick Change Felt Polishing Discs
 Quick Change Felt Polishing DiscsQuick Change Felt Polishing Discs 

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Applications: These felt discs can produce fine polished finishes on metal using suitable polishing compounds. They can also be used on wood and fillers. They are best used on slower speed machines, such as polishers, variable speed angle grinders or drills. Roloc compatible holders are available with both M14 female fixing and with 6mm spindles to mounted them on to these power tools. 


  • Twist button mounted, compatible with Roloc and Lockit.
  • 50mm or 75mm options (Tip: Use unitised 75mm discs on 50mm holder to give a usable edge for detailed polishing.)
  • 6mm felt thickness for long life.
  • Max speeds: 50mm: 18,000rpm. 75mm: 12,000rpm (For best results when fine polishing, suggested speed 6,000rpm or slower.)

(Roloc and Lockit are trademarks of 3M Corp and Cibo Abrasives respectively.)