Kits: Quick Change Roloc Compatible Discs

Kits: Quick Change Roloc Compatible Discs

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Quick Change (Roloc Compatible) Disc Kits

Applications: These are ideal starter kits for car enthusiasts, garages, metal fabicators and machine repairers. They contain very coarse grade 24 discs for rapid metal removal, eg from welds right down to finer grades for smoothing off. There are also surface conditioning discs which will perform a range of metal finishing duties including blemish removal, surface cleaning and brightening stainless steel. The black stripping discs will strip paint and rust.




Contents include:

Item                                                                                              50mm Kits           75mm Kits

Zirconium Abrasive Grades 24, 36, 50, 60, 80 & 120                    10 Each Grade     3 Each Grade

Aluminium Oxide Sanding Grades 180, 240 & 320                        10 Each Grade     3 Each Grade

Surface Conditioning Coarse (Brown), Medium (Red), Fine (Blue)   3 Each Grade      2 Each Grade

Stripping Discs                                                                                       2                       1

M14 Holder For Angle Grinders/Polishers                                              1                       1

6mm Spindle Mounted Holder For Drills/Collets                                     1                        1

All packed in handy storage/carry case.

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