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Rescue Blades
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Applications: Multi-Cut, or Rescue, diamond blades are made differently from masonry blades. The diamond is externally bonded using extremely hard binding vacuum brazing. They have long been used by rescue services for their ability to cut almost any solid material, but with costs having reduced, they can now be put to use by many trades. They will cut most metal, concrete, stone, wood, plastics, composites and GRP. This makes them an ideal choice for recycling, plumbing, maintenance and demolition. They are particularly useful when ordinary blades would be damaged, such as wood with nails and other mixed materials.

Sizes 115 mm, 125 mm and 230 mm are for angle grinders, whilst 300 mm fits 12" petrol saws. The 75 mm wheel is a great substitute for 3" slitting discs used on die-grinder as it will outlast around 30-50 of them.


  • Externally bonded 'super abrasive' diamond.
  • Air cooling configuration.
  • Suitable for wet or dry use.
  • 75mm size has standard 3/8in (9.6mm) bore for use on die grinders.
  • 115 - 230 mm have 22.2 mm centres suitable for angle grinders.
  • 300 mm suits most petrol saws, such as Stihl TS420.

Purchasing: The full range of rescue diamond blades is stocked at Abrasives World.