Roloc Compatible Sanding Discs

Roloc Compatible Sanding Discs

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Applications: So as to give better performance and life, we supply our coarser grade sanding discs in zirconium abrasive as standard. They vastly out-perform ordinary aluminium oxide abrasive when grinding steel or stainless steel. With the correct Roloc type holders, these discs can be used on a wide range of tools, including air tools, angle grinders, metal finishing machines and drills. They are ideal where detailed work is required, such as body repairs, window frames, sculpture, weld removal and blending. They can be used on metal, fillers and wood, (slower speed recommended). 


  • Button mounted compatible with Roloc™ and similar systems.
  • Suitable for air-tools.
  • Grades 24 (ultra-coarse) to 320 (very fine).
  • High performance zirconium abrasive (green/blue) used in coarser grades 24-120.
  • Aluminium oxide abrasive used in finer grades 180-320.

Also Available: We also have surface conditioning (SCM) discs, metal polishing discs and stripping discs. We also supply quick change holders.

Purchasing: These discs are available from stock at Abrasives World.

Roloc™ is a trade mark of 3M Corp.