Shaping 'Vanity', Flat Faced Diamond Blades

Shaping 'Vanity', Flat Faced Diamond Blades
 Shaping 'Vanity', Flat Faced Diamond BladesShaping 'Vanity', Flat Faced Diamond Blades 

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Applications: The first choice of diamond blades for many stone masons, these are used to cut, grind and shape stone such as granite and limestone. M14 fixing attaches directly onto the angle grinder spindle. With the flat face it allows the user to get a deep cut and a flat finish. Premium diamond segments gives fast cutting on hard stone types. Manufactured using a continuous rim ensures a neat cut with reduced chipping. 


  • Fitted with flange mounting on one side,giving flush face on the other.
  • M14 female fitting, attaches directly to most angle grinders 115mm upwards.
  • Continuous rim 'turbo' edge gives smooth, rapid cutting action.
  • Generous 10mm deep diamond segments.
  • For wet or dry use.
  • Suitable for a wide range of stone including granite.
  • Compliant with EN13235.

Purchasing: These shaping blades are available from Abrasives World.