Spirabands - Zirconium

Spirabands - Zirconium
 Spirabands - ZirconiumSpirabands - Zirconium 

Applications: Spirabands are used on expanding mandrels (rotation causes expansion which grips the band). These are normally fitted to die-grinders or drills. Our spirabands are made with zirconium abrasive which is effective on stainless steel as well as on mild steel and cast iron. They can also be used on both hard and soft wood. They are ideal for cleaning and dressing internal surfaces on pipes and tubes. With diameters starting as small as 10mm they can also be used in cylinders and small recesses. 


  • Spiral wound for even sanding.
  • Zirconium abrasive.
  • Sold in packs of 50 or 100.
  • Expanding mandrels available.

Purchasing: A full range of spirabands is offered from stock at Abrasives World.