Strip Clean Angle Grinder Stripping Discs

Strip Clean Angle Grinder Stripping Discs

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Applications: Stripping cup discs are usually the fastest working product to clean coatings off larger areas of wood or metal. They will remove paint, varnish and grime and will clean rust off metal. They are also popular for age-effecting oak beams. The open structure resists loading. Product life can be increased by reducing the speed on a variable speed grinder and by avoiding burrs and sharp edges. The 115mm size is ideal for 115mm and 125mm angle grinders whilst the 180mm size is recommended for 180mm and 230mm angle grinders.


  • Open structure nylon base resists loading.
  • Extra coarse grade silicon carbide abrasive.
  • Fibreglass backing mounts directly to angle grinder flange.
  • Slightly plyable to minimise gouging.
  • Sizes 115mm and 230mm. 

Also Available: Spindle Mounted Discs are also stocked for use on drills. Unmounted stripping wheels are available for use on rotating and tapered shaft machines.

Purchasing: The discs are available with quantity discounts from Abrasives World.